Surgeon of Time & Space

"Luffy… As long as you’re not hurt, just ignore this and move on…"

"Luffy… As long as you’re not hurt, just ignore this and move on…"


The Tenchi girls finally show up in the new series!!!!!!

Some quick profiles from the Ai Tenchi site:

Character profiles (I don’t have time to clean this up):
Demon of legend that had been sealed in 杻木 shrine. Use the powerful energy hidden in jewels, to exert a variety of capabilities. Selfish in the short-tempered.

Self-proclaimed “Genius scientist of the universe”. Appearance is young, but in fact I’m still alive 20,000 years.  Curious about Tenchi.

Princess of Jurai.  Going to earth to look for a fiance.  Elegance, gentle personality, but scary when offended.  Weak catastrophic housework.

Sister of Ayeka. Second princess of Jurai. Personality of bright innocence. Housework is good at as opposed to Ayeka.  I’m in charge of the housework of Seiki-ka.

Class I Detective of GXP. Genius of chance.  That it goes to direction nor flying regardless of the will of the person in many cases.

Pretty much the same as previous series.

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